About D.A.R.B

DARB is a Palestinian - Jordanian Trade House Company specialized in the import and supply of materials and equipment for various developmental projects within the water and sanitation sectors such as network systems, installation of well abstraction pumps, water metering solutions, compact wastewater treatment plants and municipal castings.



Ductile Iron Pipes, Valves, Fittings, and Municipal Castings (Manhole Covers & Gully Gratings) for Bulk Water and Sewage Systems. https://www.pamline.com/

SYSTEM Group – Italy

High Density Polyethylene pipes and fittings and Corrugated pipes. https://tubi.net/en/

HUOT- France

Distribution Networks Fitting and Accessories, service connections (mainly saddles), brass fittings and water metering equipment. http://www.huot-sa.com/en/accueil

SebaKMT- Germany

Water Leak detection Solutions, Data loggers, Pipe locators, inspection Cameras. https://www.sebakmt.com/en/home.html

XYLEM Water Solutions

Xylem is a large American water technology provider, it’s products and services are focused in: water infrastructure, which consists of businesses serving clean water delivery, wastewater transport and treatment, de-watering and analytical instrumentation; and applied water, which is residential and commercial building services companies, as well as industrial and agricultural applications. https://www.xylem.com/en-us/

ClaVal– USA - Switzerland

ClaVal is a world-leading for automatic control valves manufacturer. With solutions for water, wastewater, firefighting, Fueling, mining and marine. https://www.cla-val.com/

T.I.S. Service S.p.A. – Italy

Wide range of high technology valves and fittings, both in cast iron and plastic: butterfly valves, gate valves, air release valves, automatic control valves, plunger flow control valves and dismantling joints. http://www.latis-service.com/en/home

Itron – France

Supply of volumetric water meters and bulk water meters. https://www.itron.com/na

D.A.R.B Projects